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Hanan Taqi

Hanan Taqi

Contracting & Insurance Specialist

She works in the field of law in the UAE from 2010 to date and has professional experience specializing in writing memos and regulations lawsuits in all types of cases civil, commercial, rental, labor and arbitration and also has experience in drafting all contracts…


Got her BA in law from the Lebanese University in 2006 with a good grade
Worked in the field of law in the Lebanese state as a progressive lawyer for 3 years at the most famous law offices in Lebanon – Beirut (Class for Law and Legal Consultation) .. Specialized in the French and English languages ​​(French Cultural Center – Lebanon and Al-Khwarizmi College / UAE)


Success Cases 90%
Case Experience 80%
Family Law 70%

Education & Work Experience

French & English Languages

Bachelor of Law from Lebanon University

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