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We are dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism and customer care and the firm is totally committed to achieving justice and satisfactory financial compensation.

Legal Consultancies

Provide all kinds of legal consultancies in all legal fields in both Arabic and English..

Preparation of contracts & agreements

Preparation of all types of commercial, civil and industrial contracts in Arabic and English, in accordance with the context of local or foreign laws and regulations patterns.


We provide legal services in respect of formulation of companies, where we bring both contractual parties to mutual agreement and finalize the establishment procedures in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Foreign investment

The Office prepares contracts within the framework of foreign investment registration and licensing procedures. Reviews and study contracts and investments in accordance with the prevailing system in the United Arab Emirates.

Cases, arbitration & mediation

The Office provides various services in the field of representing clients in resolving the legal disputes against others, in various types of civil cases, criminal or commercial and personal status and arbitration.

Commercial agencies, distribution agencies & franchising

The Office compiles the integrated commercial agency contracts and agencies distribution contracts and registers them in the Ministry of Commerce to confer protection to the rights of the local agents.

Protection of intellectual property

The Office provides comprehensive services in the field of the protection of intellectual property rights at the local and international levels, including the registration of patents and copyrights, creativity and brands, and provides the necessary legal protection as required.

Copyright Protection

We register the literature works at the competent authorities as well as the representation of the client in protecting his rights from abuse.

Collection of Debts

We provide comprehensive services in the collection and processing through amicable settlement or judicial pathway. Also, this division provides property management including the preparation of integrated, accurate and regular reports on all matters related to the property managed.

Annual Retainer Agreements for Legal Consultation

Our clients, whether individuals or corporate can opt to retain our legal services on annual agreement bases. This retainer entitles the client to request any kind of legal services round the clock.

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